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Welcome to Horizonte Sustentável!

If you are interested in Brazil and in sustainability, this space is certainly for you. When I started this site, my goal was to translate most of my posts into English, in order to reach more and more people willing to know what is happening in a country that, slowly, is catching up with other nations in this fundamental field.

The dream, however, failed due to lack of time, since this project is entirely nonprofit, until the moment. However, if you are looking for a fun and useful way to practice your Portuguese, keep going a little longer and visit our many posts.

There posts about community projects, initiatives, solutions happening in Brazil and other parts of the world, always aiming to contribute to this growing movement. This includes denouncing actions that jeopardize a greener and more energy efficient country, if it is the case. I ‘ll try to cover from everyday life issues, like urban mobility, to policies that could impact communities and change attitude.

In an article in the English newspaper The Guardian, the famous environmentalist Herbert Giradet stated:  “In my view, we need to start thinking of regenerative rather than just sustainable development. We urgently need to take specific measures to help regenerate soils, forests, and watercourses rather than just allowing them to be sustained in an increasingly degraded condition as we have done for many years. We have the knowledge and the technologies to make renewable energy our main energy sources. And we urgently need to regenerate local communities and economies that have fallen by the wayside as economic globalisation has become a dominant force.”

So, even though the title of this site clearly claims sustainability as our motto, we are interested in regeneration too. None of the terms will be approached as disciplines and/or theoretical banners but tags to cover projects, big or small, connected to the protection and viability of the earth and of all beings that coexist here.

The idea is to offer informative, nontechnical and free of jargon texts. Ideally, they should invite to reflection and call to action.

Please, reach out with suggestions, critique, encouragement. If you know other people interested in the subject, send them here. Let’s all work together for a real Horizonte Sustentável. Cheers and obrigada!

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