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Welcome to Horizonte Sustentável!

If you are interested in Brazil and in sustainability this space is for you. I will try to translate most of my posts into English, in order to reach more and more people willing to know  what is happening in a country that, slowly, is catching up with other nations in this  fundamental field.

I will post about community projects, initiatives, solutions  happening in Brazil and other parts of the world, always aiming to contribute to this growing movement. This includes denouncing actions that jeopardize a greener and more energy efficient country, if it is the case. I ‘ll try to cover from  everyday life issues, like public transportation, to polices that could impact  communities and change attitude.


In some of the entries you will notice a specific category:

Clipping: Its is a summary of a determined subject. It is perfect for those interested in catching up with some discussions. All the sources for the post will be presented by the end of the text, in case you are interested in knowing more about a special aspect of the theme or if you would like to have them for future reference.

Reportagem: This is a real reportage, a journalistic investigation by Horizonte Sustentável on a topic related to sustainability in which different sources will be heard. Depending on the complexity of the subject, it may be extended in multiple weekly posts.

Entrevista: A personality, Brazilian or not,  connected to the site’s main subjects will be interviewed, in a traditional Q & A format.

No Ponto: It will present a conversation about topic related to the main themes of this site. In general, I will try to talk about such a topic not only in which concerns Brazil but other places too, particularly the ones I have more experience with: United States and Denmark. As all good conversation, sometimes it will extend a bit (i.e. in a few posts). It is supposedly informal, but never superficial.

In any case, the idea is the same: informative, non technical and free of jargon texts. Ideally, they should invite reflection and action.

Please, reach out with suggestions, critique, encouragement. If you know other people interested in the subject, send them here. Let’s all work together for a real Horizonte Sustentável. Cheers and obrigada!

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