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20160410_111402My name is Selma Vital. I worked as a journalist for over 10 years in Brazil and taught Portuguese for more than 15 years in American universities. Now, I am in constant transit between Denmark, Brazil and the U.S (and at the moment in Germany!). I decided to bring together in this site my professional and personal experiences.

As someone who loves writing and discussing the world and does not abdicate from my responsibilities as an educator, I want to use this space as an opportunity to put my abilities to good service, for the sake of a sustainable society and a better world.

My posts will deal with big projects of sustainability as much as to the little ones that involve daily actions by people that, just like me, realized that there is no such a thing like a backup planet. We have to to do our best to renew and regenerate the resources we have, for us and for the future generations.

If you are already in line with this idea and would like to know how Brazilians are dealing with this, Horizonte Sustentável is for you. Take part of it signing up to be up to date with the posts, sharing your knowledge, asking questions or sending suggestions.



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